April 17 Minutes

Click Here to view the April 17 minutes.

Click Here to view the updated January 17 minutes.

You will notice in the April 17 minutes, it is discussed that the developers phone numbers will be added to the directory.  A directory will be sent out when contact information is received from the residents who purchased the Boeskool’s condo.  Thank you for your patience.

Spring Newsletter

Hello WPV,

Click here to view the spring newsletter!  Don’t forget to let me know about the sprinklers, exterior cleaning, pest control, etc.!  One thing I want to point out is the date for the annual board meeting has changed to Monday, May 22.  The time is still at 6:30PM and the location is at The Point on 10th Street.




Hello WPV!

Our new website is up and running! An email will be sent to you when there’s a new post or we want to share some news with you. To access past files, click here where you will need the password (see my email from January 5 for password).

The latest news can be viewed on this page & when a new post is sent out.