Custom Homes to Fit Your Lifestyle

At Visser we have an approach that keeps the home owner involved in each step of the building process. This ensures that the final outcome is precisely what the owner is seeking in their new home. This is one of the key differences between a spec home and a custom cottage.

The mechanical walk through begins the stage of a construction project when the various mechanical, electrical, and plumbing lines are determined. During this phase of construction, ductwork, plumbing, and wiring are installed to ensure space constraints or accessibility issues are sorted out. This is also when security wiring, smart home features and mechanical efficiency is determined. This stage is when you really begin to see your home come together and know what is really behind those walls.

Client perspective: When shopping for other builders, we found our input and selections were often quite limited. With Visser, we’re involved in every choice along the way.
For example, we just did a walk-through to locate each HVAC vent and electrical outlet to meet our specific needs. The same is true with every building detail; from lighting and plumbing fixtures, to windows and walls, these are truly custom homes made to fit our tastes and lifestyle. As for quality of build, well, this will be our second Visser home. Their team not only builds exceptional homes, they also have pride in their work. Most important, they truly care about their customer and the communities in which they build.

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