Visser Living is proud to offer our own in-house excavation company in Kalamazoo that can help prepare your dream lot, build out your landscaping vision or install and maintain your driveway. Not many Southwest Michigan home builders offer this service, but we believe it is important to have this service for your convenience and our peace of mind.

We are perfectionists and want the absolute best for our customers. Doing our own excavating means we can start our work knowing we’re set up for success. The work might be dirty, but it fills our hearts to know the job is done right.

Kalamazoo Excavation Services

Visser Living Excavation aids our business and customers with various excavation projects such as:

  • Foundation pouring and repair
  • Driveway and sidewalk installation
  • Landscaping design and implementation
  • Sewer and pipe construction
  • Drainage system engineering

If you need an excavation company to help your project, get a hold of our team at (269) 552-9090 or reach out online.

Why We Do Our Own Excavation

We think excavation is so crucial to the success of a project that we made it part of our business model to do the work ourselves. This is why we do our own excavation instead of outsourcing the work to another excavation company.

First Impressions Start on the Outside

The exterior of your home can set the stage for a great first impression. The excavation of the lot, the landscaping that frames the house, and the driveway leading to it all play major roles. Your home is a reflection of you, and proper excavation sets the tone for how your home will look. We excavate to maximize curb appeal and minimize invasion of the landscape. The way your home sits on the lot should look natural, with a driveway and landscaping that highlight its most impressive features.

Support From the Ground Up

Preparing the ground your home sits on is the most important part of the building process. Nothing that happens after matters if the subgrade isn’t stable and ready to support the structure of your home. We trust our excavators to construct a subgrade that will properly support your home and everything you love inside it.

Our excavation teams ensure the builders are set up for success. Support in the Visser Living home building process goes beyond pouring a solid foundation. Our teams work together and with you to make sure the completed home is everything you expect. When it comes to supporting you and your home, Visser Living has your back.

Proper Drainage is Essential

Water can be a huge threat to your home if it is not given a clear path to drain away from the foundation. To prevent problems, we grade the lot your home is built on to allow water to move and prevent pooling. Proper excavation is the first line of defense for protecting your home. We think of everything in this stage so you don’t have to worry about it down the road.

Once the home is built, it is more complicated to go back and fix drainage problems if they weren’t properly addressed prior to construction. Doing the work ourselves saves us from having to resolve issues before starting the build of your new custom home.

Benefits of Choosing Visser Living for Custom Home Excavating

Rather than finding different excavating companies for various projects — landscaping, foundation, and driveway — we do it all! Visser Living can package your entire home build neatly, from the ground up. Having consistent communication between all of our teams, from the excavation crew to the builders and architects to the interior designers ensures a seamless project. It also means we can coordinate our teams’ schedules to streamline the process — so your home build isn’t delayed waiting on your excavating contractor to be free.

Our excavating contractors are part of a professional, fully formed limb of the Visser Living tree. When they’re not not helping prepare lots for homes, we often contract out our excavating and backfilling services to our southwest Michigan community where they work on other lots, landscape design, and road surfaces. After your home has been built or your remodeling project completed, you can continue to rely on Visser Living Excavating to help maintain your driveway, assess your foundation, consult in landscaping and additions.

Excavation FAQs

What’s the difference between grading and excavation?
Excavation is the process of clearing or digging to prepare land for construction. Grading is a step of excavation, and an important one. Grading creates a slope that allows water to drain effectively. Both grading and excavation are essential to the home building process and require an experienced excavating contractor to do the job properly.

How do I find a good excavating contractor?
A good excavating contractor will be familiar with the type of excavating you need and be willing to work with your home builder to ensure a seamless transition from base to build. To find a reputable excavating company near you, look up local reviews or talk to your home builder for their recommendations.

What areas do you serve?
Visser Living Excavation is proud to serve communities in Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan. We work on homes that we build as well as other excavation projects for our customers and other companies.

Whether you live in Kalamazoo or somewhere nearby, give us a call at (269) 552-9090 for any specific questions related to our services or service areas.

What’s the best driveway material?
While there are various materials that can make great driveway surfaces, we recommend asphalt or concrete. They are two of the most common materials and so are easy to supply and work with. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Asphalt is more affordable but requires a little more maintenance to keep it looking great. Concrete requires minimal maintenance and will last longer than asphalt but it is more expensive. Visser Living Excavation can help you pick out a brand new driveway for your home and help you maintain it once it’s installed. Reach out to us ​to see if an asphalt or concrete driveway is better for your home.

Call 269-552-9090 or contact us through this website for more information!