What is a Pocket Neighborhood

Architect Ross Chapin, who coined the term, says it best: “The idea of a pocket neighborhood is that you have nearby neighbors coming together around a shared space. This really harkens back to the fact that we, as humans, are social. We want to be together. Together, but yet still private.” Essentially, in a pocket neighborhood, you’ll see small clusters of houses gathered around a common greens area that is shared by the group and enjoyed by all. The common areas can be a place to work together on a flower or vegetable garden, a gathering spot at the end of the day, or a place where neighbors stroll for an evening walk. Or, it can simply be a place to sit back and view from your own front porch. Pocket neighborhoods often include a common structure for all to enjoy and Belle Meade is no exception. The 1838 Club House is a well-appointed and comfortable place where neighbors can relax by the fireplace, read in the loft, or get together for good conversation. When the weather is right, it’s just a step outside to the beautiful pool and lounging area. That being said, it is an essential goal for pocket neighborhoods that each home’s design be unique and creative, reflecting its own style and personality, based on your individual selections.

At Belle Meade, the idea for this concept grew from the real need for a place to call home after the children were raised and out of the “nest” so to speak. We no longer need the house with multi bedrooms, the expansive yard for kids to enjoy their sports, the backyard pool, not to mention the maintenance of it all. As we age, downsizing and simplifying become attractive ideas; time to now spend more time doing the things that appeal to us personally. This is what the pocket neighborhood allows us to do. And while our target audience here is empty-nesters, that by no means restricts others who have similar desires for these same qualities of life standards from joining in. Belle Meade maintains another core element of pocket neighborhoods. That is, it is tucked away as a private enclave yet connected to local businesses and services, a great selection of restaurants, and nearby parks and trails. As a gated community, Belle Meade also offers a security factor and a sense of privacy while still blending into the heart of Texas Corners. For more information on the pocket neighborhood concept, please view Ross Chapin’s website: www.rosschapin.com/ projects/pocket-neighborhoods